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10 Must Visit Places in Mexico City

Updated: Jul 12, 2019

Mexico City is huge and has a lot to offer, that is why we came up with a list of some of our favorite spots arround the city and why we think they are a MUST during your visit.


Xochimilco | Mexico City South

The famous canals of Xochimilco, are the last remnants of a vast water transport system built by the Aztecs. Colorful gondola-like boats take visitors on cruises while food vendors, artisans and mariachi bands float past. The atmosphere is festive, especially on weekends.

The ride is $500 mxn ( $25 USD) per hour.

Bring your own food and bevrage on board, alchol is allowed! just be sure not to drop the bottle or yourself to the lake. Stop by the nearest convinience store to buy your snacks it's cheaper and better than buying them in the spot.


Templo Mayor | City Center

Just in the middle of the city, you'll find the Templo Mayor, the remainings of the main temple of the Mexica culture.

The collection shows the political, military and aesthetic relevance of the city that dominated Mesoamerica before the Spaniards arrived.

The entrance is $70 MXN ($3.5 USD) and it includes the admission to the museum and the archaeological site.

Bring a $10 pesos coin, as the real aztec calendar on the back is exhibeted in the museum and it is pretty interesting to look at both at the same time.


Zócalo | City Center

Walking distance from el Templo Mayor you'll find the Zócalo, Mexico's City Center.

Many events take place here, from cultural & art exhibitions, concerts, to political gatherings.

Check to know the events calendar, maybe you'll be visiting the City when an event is taking place.

We highly recommend to visit the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, the most important Cathedral in the City.

Inspired by the gothic Spanish construction and built atop of a former Aztec sacred precinct.

Also you will notice that it is sinking, this is because the city was built on top of a lake and the foundations aren't strong enough to carry all that weight.


Lucha Libre Wrestlers

When in Mexico City you HAVE to go to a Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) match.

Luckily for you we've come up with an amazing tour that not only takes you to the luchas but also to taste amazing tacos and have some drinks before the main event while learning fun facts and history of the Lucha Libre.


Bazar del Sábado | San Ángel

If your'e into flee markets and looking for a colorful local souvenir to take back home, then el Bazar del sábado is the place to go.

It's only on Saturday's and is worth going, you will see amazing Mexican handcrafts.

After your shopping go to take a bite at el Mercado del Carmen which is walking distance and has a variety of small restaurants to choose from.


Castillo de Chapultepec | Mexico City

The ONLY royal castle in the Americas, plus the view on the top is really nice, you get to see Chapultepec park from above.

You'll have to walk to the castle, so bring comfortable shoes and a bottle of water.

After visiting the castle you can walk through the park and visit the zoo for free.

Many museums are around the area (Antropología, Rufino Tamayo, etc), so plan a whole day to be in Chapultepec.


Teothihuacán | State of Mexico

While it is not precisely in Mexico City, a two hour detour is while worth it.

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, Teotihuacan is known today as the site of many of the most architecturally significant Mesoamerican pyramids built in the pre- Columbian Americas.

Be prepared to be amazed by the intelligence of the Aztec culture.

After climbing to the moon or to the sun pyramid look for Restaurante La Gruta, its an impressive restaurant inside a cave, here you can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine with pre-Hispanic culinary heritage, and enjoy traditional Mexican folk dance shows.


Ángel de la Independencia | Reforma

The Angel of Independence is a victory column in the middle of a roundabout on Reforma one of the most important streets in the city.

It is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mexico City, and it has become a focal point for both celebration or protest.

Visitors are allowed to enter the monument, view the memorial plaques at the base level, and climb to the top of the tower. Entrance is free. To go up people must get a permit at the Cuauhtémoc borough where you must show ID, do it beforehand your visit, this way you will make sure you can climb.


La Mexicana | Santa Fe

A beautiful new park in Santa Fe, mostly known as the business district of Mexico City.

Here you can have a wonderful day walking around the park, grabbing and ice cream or even a churro (dough with sugar and cinnamon).


Monumento a la Revolución | Cuahutemoc

A landmark and monument commemorating the Mexican Revolution. It is located in Plaza de la República, near to the heart of the major thoroughfares Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida de los Insurgentes in downtown Mexico City.

Grab a drink at La Terraza Cha cha cha to enjoy the view of the monument.

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